What area do we serve?

  • We currently service Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh, Cary, Hillsborough, Pittsboro and surrounding cities in Orange, Durham, Wake, Chatham and Alamance County NC.  

Who are the patients who most frequently utilize our services?

  • We serve patients with medical, cognitive or physical challenges who have most insurmountable mobility issues.  All people that need dental care.
  • We will bring quality dental care to them where they are, in their homes, in care facility and rehabilitation centers.

How do we provide dental care outside of the dental office?

  • Our team of dental professional use state-of-the-art portable dental equipment which has the same capability as you see in a dental office such as high/low speed dental headpieces, air/water syringes, portable dental x-ray machine, scaler, even a portable chair and stool.

Do You Accept Medicare or Medicaid?

  • No, We are not providers for Medicare or Medicaid.

Do you accept insurance?

  • No, we are an “out of network provider”. However if you provide us with all necessary insurance information, as a courtesy we will be glad to send an electronic claim to your insurance company. Any insurance benefit will be paid to you from your insurance company. Please note dental insurance is a contract between you and them. Any payment from your insurance company is based on the set contract not our services.

What treatment will I receive during my initial visit?

  • The primary purposes of our initial house call are to resolve emergencies, make the initial examinations that will allow us to fully understand your dental needs, and listen to your questions and concerns. If we can do procedures simply and safely at the same time we will do so.

What if my condition needs additional care in a clinical setting?

  • If your condition requires treatment that cannot safely be done at your residence, we will work with your facility, family member, caregivers, physician and our network of our providers to insure you receive the proper treatment.

Will you talk to my family/caregiver?

  • Yes, with your permission or permission from the one who has a power of healthcare attorney (POA). We can discuss your need for any treatment.